Soooo I think that a conversation needs to be had about imposter syndrome.

I feel like the majority of creatives suffer from this, and lately I've been really fighting with myself.

Perhaps it's because I've been sick and my voice is really suffering, or because I'm not a multi instrumentalist, or because I got into the music game really late. Maybe it's because lately I have been around so many talented people and feel like I have little to contribute because I don't feel like I'm that great sometimes...ya dig?

Regardless of the root cause it is days like these where I really need to stop and remind myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I'm making progress at the rate I'm meant to, and I have accomplished more than 20 year old me would have ever thought possible. I have to remind myself of the hard work I put in every day to keep this ship floating, and take moments to pat myself on the back even though it's fucking hard to do that. I need to keep showing up, and doing the work

Truth is, we are all actually where we are supposed to be. We are growing at our own pace. As long as we are putting in the work ( whatever that looks like for you) we need to remind ourselves that we are fucking doing it. We need acknowledge our efforts, struggles,

accomplishments...and we need to believe people when they see it too.

Be kind to yourselves, be real with yourselves, and keep plugging away friends!

P.S you are NOT an imposter.

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